Dale Schmidtberger Coaching Award

The Holy Spirit Athletic Association is asking for nominations for the “Dale Schmidtberger Memorial Coaching Award.” This award is given annually to deserving youth sport coaches at Holy Spirit Parish. It is presented in memory of Dale Schmidtberger, a long time coach for various sports teams at Holy Spirit, as well as a member of the HSAA board of directors. Dale passed away on October 20, 2003, after a long battle with cancer.  This award is to be given to a coach who is nominated by a Holy Spirit youth sports participant or parent. The deserving coach should be an example of the highest ideals of youth coaching, including consistent emphasis upon sportsmanship and fair play. At the same time, the individual must demonstrate excellence in teaching sports skills and instilling a love of sports into the youth of Holy Spirit Parish. Eligible coaches include not only CYO coaches, but coaches from all sports leagues and club teams.

The winning coach will be selected by a committee chosen by the President of the Holy Spirit Athletic Association. This committee will review the nomination forms, and the winner will be announced at the annual season-ending picnic.  Emphasis is given to coaches nominated by a youth sports participant, but also nominations from adults are welcome and appreciated. The winner will receive a plaque and other appropriate gifts from the Holy Spirit Athletic Association. The concept is simple: Honor deserving coaches at Holy Spirit and honor the memory of Dale Schmidtberger, who so very much loved coaching his sons and the sons of others.

To nominate a coach, send a message describing the nominee’s coaching experience and why you believe he or she is deserving of the award to Mary JacobsThe deadline for a nomination is April 25th.

Dale Schmidtberger Coaching Award Winners

2004 - Bob Specht

2005 - Tom Latz

2006 - Rita Dupin

2007 - Don Watson

2008 - Rick Clark

2009 - Mike Novosel

2010 - Kirk Young

2011 - Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson

2012 - Jonna Crosby

2014 - Mary Jacobs

2015 - Dan Tumberger

2016 - Bobbie Gassel

2017 - Kathleen Kaufman

2018 - Shannon Schneller

2019 - Jason Morrissey

2020 - Lori Thomas

2021 - Christin Perz

2022 - Grace Conrad

2023 - 

Interested in Coaching?

Holy Spirit Athletics supports a wide variety of youth sports. If you are interested in coaching, please reach out for more information. It's as simple as clicking the box to volunteer when signing your child up for a team at our parish!